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BORN collects relevant data from maternal, newborn and youth clinical encounters. An encounter involves an interaction between the patient/client and the provider of services, (e.g. out-patient care management, hospital or home birth experiences, etc.).

Examples of encounters collected in the BORN Information System (Not comprehensive):

  • Antenatal General
  • Antenatal Specialty
  • Birth Child
  • Child Cytogenetics
  • Fertility (CARTR+)
  • Genetics/ Maternal Fetal Medicine (Genetics/MFM)
  • Labour Birth Mother
  • Labour
  • Maternal Cytogenetics
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
  • Newborn Screening (NSO)
  • Newborn Screening Follow-up
  • Patient Profile
  • Postpartum Child
  • Postpartum Mother
  • Prenatal Screening
  • Prenatal Screening Follow-up
  • Well-Baby Visits

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