Where Can I Find Resources?

All reference guides and training materials are now housed within the BORN Information System. To access these resources:

BORN Help screenshot showing BORN Reference Guides and Training Materials highlighted

  1. Login to the BIS
  2. Select “HELP” in top banner
  3. Select “BORN Reference Guides and Training Materials” under BORN Help
  4. Select the category of interest (i.e., Hospital, Midwifery, PHU, etc.)


What are some examples of the Resources Available?

  • Need to grant a staff member at your hospital access to the BORN Information System (BIS)? The ‘Local Administrator Guide – Hospitals’ will show you how to do this and much more.

  • Interested in a complete guide to all administrative and clinical reports in the BIS? Then take a look at the ‘Reporting Guide for Hospitals.’

  • Need to know if your hospital’s data is up-to-date, complete and acknowledged? The ‘Quick Guide to Data Quality Management – Hospital Users’ will show you how.

  • Want to learn how to send personal health information to BORN employees through a secure portal? Check out the ‘BORN Information System Messaging User Guide.

Where can I get More Help?

envelope iconDo you have more questions about entering data into the BIS, improving the quality of your data or looking at your data with BORN’s reporting tools? Reach out to your BORN Coordinator for help!