How does BORN Ontario influence health care? By being the authoritative source for maternal-child health care data in the province. With over 1 million babies in the BORN Information System (BIS), we have world-class data and the technology to leverage it. High-quality data is an indispensable asset in today's health care economy.

BORN data can be used for performance measurement, quality improvement, health policy work, surveillance and research etc.


Data Sources

Since April 2012, data has been collected from a number of sources including:
  • Fertility clinics
  • Prenatal screening laboratories
  • Specialized antenatal clinics (information about fetal anomalies)
  • Hospitals (pregnancy, labour, birth, and early newborn care information including NICU admissions)
  • Midwifery groups (pregnancy, labour, birth, and early newborn care information)
  • Enhanced Midwifery Care Models
  • Newborn screening laboratories
  • Prenatal screening and newborn screening follow-up clinics
  • Primary care clinics

Data is collected through a number of mechanisms including manual data entry and automated extraction and uploads from health record systems, where available.

Data Analysis and Request Team at BORN

BORN Ontario's Data Analysis & Request Team (DART) is responsible for all scientific and reporting activities as well as use of BORN Information System (BIS) data for data requests, data management, data quality, research and knowledge translation, Maternal Newborn Dashboard, and reporting. The team includes: 
  • Coordinators
  • Analysts
  • Epidemiologists
  • Knowledge Translation Specialist
  • Quality Management Specialist
  • Screening Specialist
  • Reporting Analyst
  • Students

The DART Team works in close collaboration with BORN Coordinators, the Technical Team, and the Privacy Team for all tasks related to data releases.