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Training Site

The training site looks just like the BIS, but it doesn't contain real data. It's a great resource for training people to use the BIS.

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Need help?

If you need access to the BIS or need to change your permissions contact your BORN local administrator: a person assigned at your organization who sets up your BIS username and password and can help provide the level of access you need.

If you don't know who the BORN local administrator is at your organization, ask your manager or contact the BORN Help Desk.

If you need help resetting your password or if you're having technical issues, the BORN helpdesk team can help!

Training Materials

View our BIS training materials

Local Administrator Resources

If you are the BORN Local Administrator for your organization, please login to the BORN Information System and view the Help Page to view the BORN Local Administrator Guide or see the Local Administrator Guide for Midwives