Encounters & Alphabetical Lists

The BORN Information System is organized by encounters of care across the continuum beginning in April 2012. An encounter involves an interaction between the patient/client and the provider of services, (e.g. out-patient care management, hospital or home birth experiences, etc.). Certain data elements are common across encounters. Wherever possible, data will pre-populate subsequent encounters, thereby reducing duplication of data entry. This model enables program-specific analysis by encounter, or analysis of aggregated data by population and health system.

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Data elements as of April 1, 2012 for each encounter (available in the online searchable Data Dictionary or in PDF) are not organized in the order in which they are to be entered in the BORN Information System. Prior to April 2012 niday and midwifery legacy data elements are available for viewing in legacy datasets.

Antenatal General

Antenatal Specialty

Birth Child


CYTO Child

CYTO Maternal


Labour & Birth Mother

Labour (Retired)

Newborn Screening Ontario (NSO)




Postpartum Child

Postpartum Mother

PSP Follow-up

PSP Screen