Partnering with the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, BORN helps fertility clinics in Canada collect, store, and use fertility treatment data through the Canadian Assisted Reproductive Technologies Register (CARTR Plus).

This fertility data is an invaluable resources for answering questions about:

  • The impact and success of fertility treatments (e.g. What are the chances of delivering a child when undertaking a single egg retrieval procedure?)
  • The health of children born as a result of assisted reproductive technologies (e.g. Does in vitro fertilization increase the risk of preterm birth?)
  • Multiple pregnancy rates (e.g. Does promoting single-embryo transfers help reduce the multiple pregnancy rate?)
  • Recent trends (e.g. Are more women taking part in fertility preservation for non-medical reasons?)

For more detailed information about data collected through CARTR Plus, see the CARTR Plus Annual Reports.

BORN also provides reports which allow fertility clinics to monitor their individual clinic's performance and compare to the aggregate performance of all Canadian clinics.