The end of March 2023 was a milestone at the Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) as it concluded our 3-year odyssey with COVID-19. While the pandemic continues, our COVID-19 data collection and analysis activities are winding down.

Care providers for pregnant individuals and their newborns and health system planners/funders worked collaboratively with BORN to provide critical data to help us learn about the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy, labour and birth, and the early newborn period as well as the system outcomes. We also worked with researchers to explore the effects of COVID-19 vaccination once it became available. The information and findings were shared provincially, nationally, and internationally to add to scientific knowledge and conclusions drawn. Throughout the process we gained new knowledge that contributed to BORN’s mandate to facilitate and improve care in Ontario.

This report summarizes BORN’s Top 5 learnings about the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant individuals and their newborns and the activities that led to these conclusions. We also conclude with recommendations for future infectious disease outbreaks or pandemics. 

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