BORN Information System Maternal Newborn Dashboard sampleBORN will be introducing enhancements to the Maternal Newborn Dashboard on January 27th 2021:

  • The provincial Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) and the Maternal Newborn Dashboard (MND) Committees recommended that BORN’s MND KPI 3 be aligned with the BFI supplementation reports in the BORN Information System (BIS). Hospitals will now be able to use these two complementary reports to monitor and assess their BFI designation achievement(s). 
  • The original KPI 3 data has been restructured into a new “Formula supplementation with intention to breastfeed” report and is now available in the BIS.
  • You will also find an improvement to the MND homepage – you can now select the date range of your choice.
  • An updated MND Criterion guide is also available in the Help section within the BIS and is linked in the second last tab of the MND report.

 Please contact your hospital’s BORN regional coordinator for additional information.