women with baby

What is OMama?

OMama is a website and app that provides individuals in Ontario with trusted health information tailored to their specific stage in the pregnancy journey and in early parenting. 

BORN’s clinical experts have upgraded OMama (English version) with the most up-to-date, evidence-informed resources for Ontarians and included gender inclusive language. Note: We recognize the name itself - OMama - is not inclusive of all pregnant and birthing individuals, and we’re looking into options. Stay tuned for changes and also for corresponding upgrades for the French version of OMama.

What can expecting and new parents do using OMama?

smart phone with the OMama app open

  • Find trusted information at every stage – where and when they need it
  • Learn about programs, resources, and caregivers
  • Get summaries of expert advice and tips
  • Search a glossary of terms relevant to them
  • Set up their personal pregnancy profile for how they use the app (mobile app only)
  • Get more tailored information by answering select questions at various times during their visit(s) to the OMama app (mobile app only)
  • Use the journal to track their mood, exercise, water intake, food, kick counts, etc. (mobile app only)

Check out the updated OMama website and spread the word!