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Learn More about COVID-19 Data Collection for Pregnant Individuals in Ontario

To respond to the urgent public health crisis, BORN is coordinating data collection for any cases of COVID-19 infected pregnant individuals admitted to Ontario hospitals between March 1, 2020 and March 1, 2021 (or until the pandemic is declared over and 40 weeks pass to allow collection from newly pregnant individuals who will continue their pregnancy). 

These data are urgently needed to provide credible information to facilitate and improve care and to help guide decision making. Because about 40% of all births in Canada each year occur in Ontario, information collected here can make an important contribution to national knowledge on this issue.  We are working out the technicalities of the new data collection and will likely be in touch to amend our data sharing agreements with hospital sites.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the current BORN Information System in a timely manner to collect this data. Therefore we will be asking hospitals to either extract data from their EMR systems, or complete a manual data collection process on the small number of cases we expect.  BORN Ontario will only ask care providers for a minimum of extra data specifically related to the illness since the data already provided in the BORN Ontario registry can be linked to ascertain pregnancy/birth/newborn outcomes. We will not ask for any duplication, other than some identifiers needed for linking to the BORN Information System data already routinely collected. 

National and International COVID-19 Data Collection 

National data collection processes are also occurring. BORN will try and contribute the Ontario maternal cases to this pan-Canadian project, but we are unsure exactly how this will occur.  We are liaising with these groups to ensure the data we collect is consistent with the rest of Canada. We don't believe there is any need to duplicate data collection when BORN already has the pregnancy and birth information for these cases.  We will try and have more information about this as soon as possible.