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PSO is currently seeking experts to join the First-Trimester Preeclampsia Screening Task Force to advise on implementation considerations for first-trimester preeclampsia screening.


Health Quality Ontario recently conducted a health technology assessment (HTA) on population-wide screening in the first trimester of pregnancy to predict the risk of preterm preeclampsia (preeclampsia necessitating delivery <37 weeks gestation).  In December 2022, Ontario Health recommended publicly funding a population-wide first-trimester screening program for the risk of preterm preeclampsia using the screening algorithm developed by the Fetal Medicine Foundation. 

In respect of this recommendation, the Ministry of Health is seeking advice on implementation considerations should this testing be made available in Ontario.  

Call for Nominations / Expressions of Interest

Prenatal Screening Ontario is looking for representatives with the following expertise to join the Ontario First Trimester Preeclampsia Screening Task Force:   

  • Conditions for which Ontario currently screens (e.g., expertise in maternal-fetal medicine) 
  • Screening systems (e.g., technical, quality, policy, economics, epidemiology,  public health, ethics)
  • Antenatal care (e.g., ultrasonography, primary care, midwifery)
  • Knowledge Translation  
  • Laboratory medicine (biochemistry) 
  • Health Equity  
  • Primary care servicing rural/remote/underserviced areas 

Consult the Terms of Reference to find out more information about the Ontario First-Trimester Preeclampsia Screening Task Force.

How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the Pre-eclampsia Screening Task Force Survey, and

  2. Please forward your CV to PSO@bornontario.ca. 

Deadline: March 15, 2023