About BORN

The Impact of BORN

True data. True change.

BORN thoroughly documents pregnancies and births in Ontario, collecting the complete clinical data that professionals in every health-sector discipline need to improve quality of care and the system that delivers it. The result is change that contributes directly to the well being of mothers, with positive and lasting impact on the health of newborns, children and the citizens of Ontario.

Data you can trust

BORN is Ontario’s authoritative source of data that advance evidence-informed maternal and child care. BORN gathers, aggregates and interprets extensive data on every birth and young child in the province, always safeguarding their privacy.

Efficient. Accurate. Expanding.

Every birthing hospital and midwifery practice in Ontario contributes data to populate more than 100 searchable elements in the web-based BORN Information System (BIS). Powerful and secure, the BIS connects more than 3,800 users to data that span all levels of care from pre-pregnancy to early childhood. Nearly 3,000 data entries are submitted every day, cataloging more than 140,000 births each year in Ontario—approximately 40 percent of all annual births in Canada.

Information you can use

BORN’s trusted data are continually translated into intelligible and actionable maternal and child health information, including reports for all local health integration networks and public health units in Ontario. Clinicians, administrators, policy makers and researchers access BORN information daily to track province-wide health trends and examine health effects and outcomes beginning with early pregnancy.

Data in action

Information derived from BORN data defines key performance indicators such as cesarean section and breastfeeding rates. Providing fresh insight, the information strengthens program reviews and quality improvement activities. Supporting continuous improvement, BORN information on screening uptake, false positive and false negative rates enables screening laboratories to accurately assess and refine their performance.

Knowledge you can apply

BORN expands professional knowledge throughout Ontario’s healthcare community, increasing the province’s capacity to address the spectrum of care, support maternal and child planning and evaluation, and deliver measurable improvements for the benefit of all citizens.

Important discoveries

Recently, BORN’s scientific team analyzed data related to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and showed that immunization of pregnant women during the outbreak helped protect newborns as well as mothers. Healthcare professionals can act on this evidence to increase vaccine uptake among pregnant women during future pandemics.

Change you can celebrate

BORN is contributing to true change in Ontario’s health system through accurate and clinically relevant data, timely information and broad expertise. A mechanism of transparency, BORN provides administrators and planners with the insight to guide informed decision-making and the responsible, targeted use of public resources.

An instrument of change

Newborn Screening Ontario (NSO) tests all babies in the province to assess their risk of having any of 29 rare but treatable diseases. With access to BORN data, NSO has been able to identify missed screens and newborns who may be at risk as a result.