Theme: Improving Care through World-Class Data and Innovation

Day 1 Presentations

Keynote Speaker

 Artificial Intelligence: Dr. Anthony Chang *presentation not available


Disruptive Technology in Healthcare

Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing: Dr. Julie Richer *presentation not available

Privacy with Your Wearable Devices and Your Friends - Alexa, Siri, and Google:  Commissioner Brian Beamish

The Electronic HBHC Project - Integrating Care between Hospitals and Public Health: Paula Morrison

Perinatal Safety

Knowing the Risks is Step 1: Joanna NobleDr. Douglas Bell

Planning a Strategy to Reduce Risk - The Oxytocin Story: Dr. Mark Walker

When Things Don't Go Well - Maternity Mortality and Morbidity Review in Ontario: Dr. Joel Ray & Dr. Jon Barrett

Neonatal Safety - The EPIQ Story - Barriers and Facilitators to Influence Change: Dr. Prakesh Shah

Day 2 – Presentations

Best of 4 Oral Abstracts

Grounding Evidence Synthesis in Lived Experience: Priorities of Adolescent Mothers: Anna Dion

Newborn Visits to Emergency Rooms in Ontario – how often and why? Michaela Smith


Cannabis - the New Smoking: Dr. Vikas Parihar

Ontario’s Data Partnerships for Improving Maternal Child Care

Public Data: Supporting Midwifery Practices to Use and Share Outcomes Data: Dr. Vicki Van Wagner

Prenatal Screening - Linking Data Sources to Improve Outcomes in Ontario: Dr. Christine Armour *presentation not available

Reducing Multiple Births - Government, Clinicians, and CARTR+: Dr. Clifford Librach

Newborn Screening Ontario – Using Data to Screen for Rare Diseases: Dr. Pranesh Chakraborty & Dr. Matthew Henderson

BORN and ICES - When Two is Better Than One: Sujitha Ratnasingham

It's Not Easy Being Green: Jackie Girard & It's Not Easy Staying Green: France Morin 

How Can Registries Support Innovation and Improvements in Care: Dr. Charlotte MooreDr. Mark Walker

Dr. Kumanan Wilson