Theme: Unlocking the Value of Data

Day 1 Presentations

Keynote Speaker

Value Based Health Care for Mothers and Babies: Dr. Neel Shah 


Driving Quality in Maternal Newborn Care - Effect of Implementation of the Maternal Newborn Dashboard in Ontario: Dr.Sandra Dunn 

Concurrent Session 1 - Validation

A Data-Driven and Safety-Orientated Approach to Evaluating Change of Sampling Time Policy for Neonatal Screens: Emeril Santander

A Data Validation Exercise between the CIHI-DAD and the BORN Information System: Dr. Qun (Grace) Miao

Developing Analytic Guidance for Infant Feeding Surveillance using the Locally Driven Collaborative Project Retrospective 6-month Single Time Point Questionnaire: Jessica Deming & Sandy Dupuis

Concurrent Session 1 – Cesarean Section

Cesarean Sections for Abnormal Fetal Heart Tracings: Setting Indicators of Appropriateness based on Neonatal Outcomes: Dr. Stephanie Ahken

Previous Cesarean Section and Late Preterm Birth: Abdool Yasseen

Perceptions of Healthcare Providers Regarding Skin-to-Skin Contact at Cesarean Births: Megan Furnivall

Concurrent Session 1 – Moms and Babies

Designing and Implementing an Innovative Breastfeeding Program for Young Women through a Youth-informed Process: Christina Cantin & Nicole Olive

Neonatal Pain Management: Barriers to and Facilitators of Data Entry in the Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) Ontario Information System: Catherine Larocque

Making an Impact through an Innovative Youth-informed Breastfeeding Program for Young Women: Evaluating Self-efficacy: Christina Cantin

Concurrent Session 2 – Women and Families

Perinatal Care Experiences of Women with Physical Disabilities in Ontario: Lesley Tarasoff

Using Mobile Apps to Facilitate Reporting of Vaccination Status. Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study with BORN, ImmunizeCA and Ottawa Public Health: Katherine Atkinson

Maternal Health Outcomes among Indigenous People living in Toronto: Dr. Janet Smylie & Sara Wolfe

Concurrent Session 2 – VBAC

Developing a VBAC Quality Standard to Improve Uptake and Using BORN Data to Monitor VBAC Rates in Ontario: Diana An

Predicting VBAC Success at Admission to Hospital: Dr. Patricia Janssen

Trial of Labour Compared with Repeat Planned Cesarean Delivery in Morbidly Obese Women with Prior Cesarean Delivery: Impact on Neonatal Outcomes: E Mei-Dan

Concurrent Session 2 – Exposures/Risks

Difference in Hospital Length of Stay for Neonates with In-Utero Exposure to Buprenorphine, Methadone and Illicit Opioids: Dr. Sarah Fernandez

Relationship between Body Mass Index (BMI) and Lipophilic Persistent Organic Pollutants (L-POPs) Levels in Women of the Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals (MIREC) Study: Marianne Levesque

Comparing Definitions of Severe Obesity in Young Children: A Cross-sectional Study of TARGet Kids! and BORN Ontario: Meloja Satkunam


Victories and Lessons Learned: Integrating CANS DP-ASP with the BORN Information System: Geoff Barnum

Safe Options for Birth Settings

Creating Safe Options for Birth Settings - A Crucial Conversation! Dr. Neel Shah & Dr. Eileen Hutton & Dr. Jon Barrett

Day 2 – Presentations

IVF in Ontario

IVF Funding in Ontario – How Do We Define Success? Andrea Lanes

Prenatal Screening in Ontario

Prenatal Screening in Ontario: Past, Present and Future - Using data to inform policy: Dr. Nan Okun & Shelley Dougan

First Nations Data

OCAP is the Key to Unlocking the Value of First Nations Data: Carmen Jones & Roseanne Sutherland

Concurrent Session 3 - Systems

Use of Maternal Newborn Audit and Feedback System in Ontario: A case Study Comparison: Jessica Reszel

A Population-based Comparison of Obstetrical Practices and Outcomes for Preterm Infants between France and Ontario: Abdool Yasseen

Postnatal Prediction of Gestational Age using Newborn Fetal Hemoglobin Levels: Dr. Steven Hawken

Concurrent Session 3 - Midwifery

Outcomes Associated with Planned Place of Birth in Low-Risk Women Attended by Midwives in Ontario, 2006-2009: A Retrospective Cohort Study: Dr. Eileen Hutton 

Midwifery Care for Uninsured Women: A Look at the Numbers: Dr. Liz Darling

Outcomes and Patterns of Midwifery Care Received by Women and Their Infants in Ontario Between 2006-2009: Dr. Eileen Hutton

Concurrent Session 3 - Diabetes

Trends of Gestational Diabetes in Canada: 2004-2014: Dr. Chantal Nelson 

Induction of Labor Before 40 weeks is Associated with Lower Rate of Cesarean Section in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Dr. Nir Melamed

Assessing Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes among Women with Gestational or Pre-existing Diabetes: Dr. Chantal Nelson

Neonatal Outcomes

Neonatal Outcomes in the Era of Periviability: The Journey of Ontario's Tiniest Babies: Dr. Paige Church

Screening Tiny Hearts

Screening Tiny Hearts in Ontario – The CCHD Launch: Jennifer Milburn – Newborn Screening Ontario


Making Ontario Baby-Friendly: Dr. Linda Young

Unlocking Value

Unlocking Value – Have We Turned the Key?: Mari Teitelbaum