Theme: The Right Information in the Right Hands at the Right Time

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Day 1 Presentations

Keynote Address

The Power of Data: K.S. Joseph, MD, PhD

Innovative Methods of Displaying Data to Enhance Meaning

Dashboards: Sandra Dunn, RN, PhD

Gapminder and Other Free Tools for Data Visualization: Erin Graves, MSC

GIS/Neighbourhood Mapping: Mike Sawada, PhD

Examples of Data Linkages

The Power of Database Linkage: A New Source of Longitudinal Maternal-Child Data is “BORN”: Deshayne Fell, MSc, PhD(c)and Steven Hawken, PhD

Placing BORN Data on the Map of York Region Public Health Practice: Denis Heng, MSc

The ImmunizeCA App: A Mobile Application for Promoting and Managing Health Information: Chandni Sondagar, MPH

Practice Changing Data

Newborn Outcomes after Caesarean Section for Non-reassuring Fetal Status in British Columbia: Patricia Janssen, BScN, MPH, PhD 

Can We Wait until 39 Weeks? A Quality Improvement Project to Decrease Early Term Elective Repeat Caesarean Sections: Jessica Dy, MD, MPH, FRCS (c)

Right Information, Right Hands, Right Time… Still Problems Changing Practice: Ian Graham, PhD, FCAHS

Showcase of Success

Development of a Standardized Breastfeeding Surveillance Data Collection Tool and Method for Ontario Public Health UnitsSuzanne Fegan, MSc and Asma Razzaq, MPH

The “Be Sweet to Babies” Video - Using Social Media to Disseminate a Parent- Targeted Knowledge Translation Tool: Denise Harrison RN, RM, PhD

How Do We Use BORN Data? St. Thomas General Hospital Transformational JourneyLeanne McCullough, RN, BScN, MN, PNC(c)

Babies Born to Homeless Women in Toronto: Collaborative Data CollectionJoyce Bernstein, MSc, PhD

The Greater Toronto Area Obstetric Network - A Vision of the FutureArthur Zaltz, MD, FRCSC

Facility-specific Perinatal Indicators: A New Set of Metrics for British ColumbiaBrooke Kinniburgh, MPH

Utilizing Healthy Babies Healthy Children Administrative Data to Evaluate and Improve Programming for Vulnerable Families in Ontario: The Provincial and Local Context: Heather Manson, MD, FRCPC, MHSc

Midwifery Capacity: Using Data to Drive Regional PlanningMarie-Josée Trépanier, BScN, MEd, PNC(c)and Wendy Grimshaw

External Quality Assurance of Prenatal Screening in Ontario Using BORN Data: Shelley Dougan, MPA, MSc, CGC

Day 2 Presentations

The Intersection of Innovation, People, and Privacy

mHealth - Implications of Point of Care Diagnosis and TreatmentMatthew Bromwich, MD

Information Innovations to Drive Integrated Care: Farhana Alarakhiya, BSc Eng, MSc

Presenting Information to Patients and Health Care Providers to Support Choice and Normalcy: Vicki Van Wagner, RM, PhD

Privacy in the New World of Apps, Social Networking and Data Innovations – Will it Still Exist and How can we Protect It?: Khaled El-Emam, PhD

Innovative Uses of Data

Ontario's Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Integration and Repository Project: Cynthia Emerson, BSC and Nancy Novak BScN, MEd, PhD

Practical Considerations for Sharing Public InformationDan Finerty, BSc Eng

Healthy Birth Weights: From Fragmented System to Community of Care: Vanessa Parlette, PhD and Jennifer Vickers-Manzin, BA Psych, BScN, Med

Elective Repeat Caesarean Section in Low-risk Women: Economic Evaluation Comparing Births Before vs. After 39 weeks: JoAnn Harrold, MD

Data Informing Population Health

Using BORN Data as Part of the Best Start Resource Centre's Breastfeeding Community ProjectHiltrud DawsonRN, BTech, IBCLC

Prevalence and Predictors of Early Breastfeeding Cessation and In-hospital Formula Use among Ottawa Mothers: Katherine Russell, MHSc

Beyond BMI: Investigating the Feasibility of Using NutriSTEP® and Electronic Medical Records as a Surveillance System for Healthy Weights Including Risk and Protective Factors in Children: Kathy Moran, BSc, MHSc and Susan Snelling, PhD

Closing Keynote

Reflections on Right Information, Right Hands, Right Time – The Future of Maternal Child Care: Mark Walker, MD, FRCS(C), MSc Epi, MSc HCM


A1: The Universal Data Form Project for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Presenting Author: Courtney R. Green; Jocelynn L. Cook, Sterling K. Clarren

A2: Overweight and Obesity Rates in Children in Ontario, Canada Using Electronic Medical Records, Presenting Author: Sarah Carsely; Catherine Birken, Karen Tu, William Oud, Sarah Carsley, Miranda Hanna, Gerald Lebovic and Astrid Guttmann

A3: Hand in Hand: Leveraging Nursing Relationships to Optimize BORN Data Quality, Presenting Author: Jacqueline Barrett, RN, MHSc; Marnie Buchanan, Barbara Chapman, BScN, MSc, Julie Pace, RN, BScN, MScN(C), Kimberley Ross, RN, BScN, MScN, PNC(C), Anna Marie Smith, RN, BScN, Lynda Stanisz, RN

A6: M+B 2B (Mom & Baby to Be) Prenatal App. A Progressive Innovation for Prenatal Education, Presenting Author: Lia Swanson

A7: Mental Health and Health Services Utilization Among Young Mothers, Presenting Author: EL Lipman; A. Whitty, A. Niccols, S. Jack, R. Van Lieshout, J. Cairney, C. Grant, M. Boyle, K. Georgiades

A8: Canadian Congenital Anomalies Surveillance Enhancement Initiative, Presenting Author: Brittany Irvine; Paromita Deb-Rinker, Nicolas Gilbert, Jocelyn Rouleau, Juan Andrés León, Neel Rancourt, Wei Luo

A9: Clinical Outcomes of Preterm Births with GA 30-31 6/7 Weeks in an Advanced Level II Neonatal Centre, Presenting Author: Dominque Karas; E. Ying, S. Cheema, T. Barozzino, M. Sgro, D.M. Campbell

A10: Combining Data Sources to Obtain a True Picture of Congenital Anomalies in Ontario, Presenting Author: Erin Graves; Heather Ramshaw, Julian Little, Ann Sprague, Aideen Moore and the Ontario Congenital Anomalies Committee (OCAC)

B1: Risk Factors Associated with the Development of Large for Gestational Age (LGA) Infants in Ontario, Presenting Author: Anna Vanderlaan; Heather Manson, Daniel Harrington

B4: Validity of the Obstetrical Triage Acuity Scale, Presenting Author: Robert J. Gratton; Neila Bazaracai, Ian Cameron, Nancy Watts, David S. Smithson, Michelle Harding, Kathryn Wodrich, Emily Williams, Suhair AlShanteer

B7: Are Ontario Midwives Reaching the Socially Vulnerable and to What Extent? A Descriptive Analysis of the Neighbourhood Socioeconomic Status of Midwifery Clients in Care between 2006-2009, Presenting Author: Caroline McGregor; Eileen K. Hutton, Julia Thorpe, Rashid Ahmed

B10: Public Health Data Quality Assessment of the BORN Information System: An Examination of Data Missingness by Geography and Socioeconomic Status, Presenting Author: Naomi Schwartz; Karin Hohenadel