Reports developed prior to 2016 are considered ‘legacy' reports. These historical reports will help you:

  • Understand BORN's origin and evolution
  • Learn about the BORN Information System
  • Explore maternal and child health trends at a provincial level as well as a regional level (i.e. LHINs, public health unit)
  • Learn about research and quality improvement initiatives based on BORN data

These reports were developed using data from the BORN Information System as well as data from external sources. Data presented in these reports is organized by fiscal year, calendar year, geographic region or health care topic depending on the type of report.

Legacy Reports are organized into 6 categories:

  • BORN Ontario Briefings. These briefings were used during BORN's first years of operation to inform stakeholders of the organization's development. Topics include maternal and child health-care research, committee development, privacy, and information technology.
  • BORN Bulletins. This e-newsletter provided quarterly updates on the organization's scientific and operational activities.
  • BORN Provincial Rounds. These monthly webinars were recorded between 2012-2016 and highlighted research and quality improvement initiatives.