Report Supports Integration of Quality Standard into Daily Practice

In 2018 Health Quality Ontario (HQO) in partnership with the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) released a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) Quality Standard (QS).  The main goals of the VBAC QS were to improve access to safe VBAC and encourage informed decision-making.

To support integration of the VBAC QS into daily practice, BORN and PCMCH developed the VBAC QS Report for hospital use. All hospitals entering data into the BORN Information System (BIS) can access this report (which provides the outcome indicators needed to monitor progress re: the VBAC QS).  Health-care providers, regional maternal-child networks, and clinical expert groups provided feedback on the VBAC measurement indicators included in the report.

Report Details

Hospitals can review their VBAC rates with 7 performance measurement indicators. For each of the 7 indicators, hospitals can see their rate plus 3 comparators:

  • Same level-of-care hospitals;
  • Similar-birth-volume hospitals;
  • Provincial rate.

We know COVID-19 puts tremendous stress on front-line workers and hospitals have many competing priorities. For those able to focus on enhancing VBAC care, BORN would like to support you by making this report available

If you have questions please contact your BORN Coordinator.