size of fetus list Good news, we recently updated OMama! If you aren’t familiar with OMama, it’s a website and app that connects you to trusted, evidence-informed healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting information for Ontario.

New features mean you can now:

  • Save photos in OMama; snap a picture of a record, lab result, appointment, or note and keep all your pregnancy info in one place (e.g. Ontario Perinatal Record, complete blood count, urine screen results, questions for your care provider, hospital packing list, prenatal appointments, etc.).
  • Scroll through a list showing how big your baby is each week (displayed as an ultrasound photo, illustration, or fruit/veggie).

 And of course you can still take advantage of other helpful features that have been there all along:

  • Set up your personal pregnancy profile for how you use the app
  • Use the journal to track your mood, exercise, water intake, food, kick counts, etc.
  • Track your pregnancy, birth, and early parenting week by week
  • Find trusted information at every stage – where and when you need it
  • Learn about programs, resources, and caregivers
  • Get summaries of expert advice and tips
  • Search a glossary of terms relevant to you

 We’re always looking for ways to make OMama even better. Share your ideas with us at: