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Message From Leadership

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The BORN Information System (BIS) now gathers information from conception (in vitro fertilization), through prenatal screening (including non-invasive prenatal testing) to birth, NICU admission and onwards into childhood (including early childhood development data from primary care). This information is being used by clinical sites and by BORN to close care gaps and exceed standards. Your commitment to providing high-quality data and to using that same information after it’s been linked and enhanced is what makes progress possible.

We have a long list of partner organizations: the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH), regional programs such as the Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program (CMNRP), the Greater Toronto Area Obstetrical Network (GTA-OBS) and the Southwestern Maternal Newborn Child and Youth Network (MNCYN), as well as clinical and system researchers such as the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) – just to name a few! These partners regularly use information from BORN for clinical decision making and policy development (as well as publishing findings - adding to the literature).

At one of my very first meetings with the ‎Ministry of Health an Assistant Deputy Minister turned to me and asked "What is a good outcome for kids in Ontario?" While I don't remember my fumbling answer, I do remember his: 'A 16-year-old having a job'… the physical health, emotional well-being and social skills needed to go out and find and hold a job.

Outcomes are what we are committed to and what we are working to improve every day. We continue to expand the BORN Registry information – going beyond our original maternal-newborn work. We have invested in child outcomes (e.g. adding data related to the 18-month enhanced well-baby visit as well as autism outcomes). As the babies we began learning from back in 2012 are growing, we're maturing along with them - adding BIS encounters as they reach their milestones.

Thank you for your continued commitment and support. We appreciate the effort it takes to get high-quality data into the system and to apply it in your daily work. Together we’re seeing the impact.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Mari Teitelbaum